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Business and Finance

4 Ways To Keep Student Loan Debt In Check - Gizmodiva

In today’s world, having a college education is essential for success in most lucrative career sectors. However, higher education can be costly, and for students who can’t afford it, student loans make it possible to get a degree now and pay for it later. Unfortunately, after four years or more, high-interest rates and costly educational institutions can lead to a mountain of accumulated debt by the time you’re finished with schooling and should be living your dream life.

5 Responsibilities to Consider Before Leasing Your Commercial Property

Being a commercial landlord can potentially be a highly profitable means of passive income. There are many benefits to leasing commercial property as opposed to residential, including more lucrative rental agreements, longer lease terms, site renovations and repairs made by the tenant. However, renting out your commercial property does come with a distinct set of responsibilities that you should fully understand before committing to it.

The 9 Best Apps To Save You Money

Saving money on your regular purchases is essential for climbing out of debt, becoming financially healthy, and growing your net worth. Cash that you save today multiplies if you use it to pay off high-interest debt or put it in a high-yield account or investment. Thanks to modern technology, you can say goodbye to coupon clipping to save a few cents or scouring the web for hours to find the best deal. Now, earning cash back and saving money is as simple as swiping a barcode, taking a picture,

Top 5 Ways to Stay Positive at Work

It’s all too tempting to get into the habit of watching the clock at work all day, logging out at the end of the shift, and heading home to binge watch Breaking Bad. Unfortunately, that routine will quickly lead to a decline in job productivity and overall life satisfaction. Although you might dream of being financially free and not dependent on having a job, right now you have to earn an income and could be dealing with a work life not entirely within your control. So how can you easily cultiv

Content Marketing

What Are the Most Important Content Marketing Trends of 2018?

Big brands and small businesses alike have continued to experience growth from content marketing this year while many new trends have emerged. Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Virtual Reality have affected distribution channels and the types of content marketed. However, with consumers spending more time on smartphones and flooded with never-ending content, attention spans are shrinking challenging brands to find more effective ways to connect with audiences.

Secret Agent Techniques To Find the Hottest Marketing Content For Your Site

When it comes to finding the most relevant and engaging content for your site, it can be overwhelming to keep up with the ever-changing trends on the internet and the needs of the consumer. How do you uncover the hottest topics for your content? Look no further. With these seven ingenious and free tools, you will be able to get insight into the minds of your customers to provide articles they will be inspired to read and share.

Working in Your Underwear and Other Helpful Tips For Freelancers

Chances are at one time you fantasized about all of the excellent benefits of being a freelancer. Rolling out of bed at any time you want, conducting business in your sweatpants, completing tasks when you’re most productive, and having more time to spend with the people you love are just a few of the incredibly cool perks you were so looking forward to. But did you know that these same benefits are also your powerful allies for inspiration, innovation, and motivation? Here are a few valuable t

Creating Irresistibly Addictive Content Your Audience Will Love

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an established business owner or just launching your freelancing career. Offering topnotch content that will keep your audience coming back again and again (and again and again and again and again) must become your superpower. Well, at least one of your superpowers. Let’s get down to the business of honing them! The format of your content might be articles on your site, newsletters, videos, Facebook videos, Pinterest posts, or just about any other venue availabl

How To Write Content That's Funny Without Writing Funny Content

Your content strategy’s all set. SEO, Google ranking, useful information, calls-to-action, sales funnel – all good to go. Traffic starts to pour in from browsers urgently seeking the solutions you can provide. The problem is though your content is informative, it’s incredibly dull to plod through and many would-be customers are returning to Facebook before your first call-to-action appears on their screen. Let’s face it, reading stale content is like drying yourself off with a towel that’s m

How to Approach Sales Copywriting for the First Time

If you’re thinking of adding copywriting to your toolbox, you’ll be glad to know that copywriters are some of highest paid and sought-after writers in print and online with opportunities for work everywhere. Walk into a store; there’s copywriting on signs, brochures, and product boxes. Watch a commercial on TV; the script is copywriting. Visit a website; it’s copywriting on that pop-up asking for your email address. And the last few decades, the explosion of technology has created dozens of new

Content Marketing Roundup: Week of 9/17/18 | Content Marketing Conference

The weekly roundup of 9/17/18 dishes on all the latest content marketing goodies. Find out if you stink at marketing, review 22 tools for marketing a startup, learn how to be a better human, discover the top trends that emerged from Content Marketing World 2018, and learn what blockchain is doing to content marketing. Read on, marketing friend! Three Ways To Diversify Your Marketing Strategy After Explosive Social Media Growth via Forbes Relying on just a few social media platforms can be a f

Entertainment and Fashion

Hot Celebrity Styles for Winter 2018-2019

The winter is once again around the corner and choosing what to wear to on freezing days and nights can be a dilemma. Thankfully this year, staying warm doesn't mean having to sacrifice style. For some inspiration to fire up your winter fashion, check out how these celebrities sizzle in the hottest winter styles in coats, jackets, and boots. Ariana Grande is stunning out on a stroll in a black faux fur coat. The beautiful, hooded Black Faux Fur Coat is an ethical alternative to animal fur that

Health, Fitness, and Beauty

Top 6 Soothing Sleep Sounds | Relax Melodies

What is it about a gentle river flowing, a soft piano lullaby, or even an oscillating fan that makes people want to fall asleep? These are just a few of the most popular soothing sleep sounds that offer a fast track to dreamland, even for restless sleepers. Whether these comforting sounds merely block noise pollution or they work deeper to calm the mind and nervous system, research supports the benefits of using sleep sounds for falling asleep and improving sleep quality. The most popular soun

5 Habits to Help You Wake Up in the Morning | Relax Melodies

Typically, extraordinary care gets put into how to get a good night’s sleep. But as critical as it is to take the proper steps before bedtime, it’s equally important to have a conscious routine to help you wake up in the morning. How you start your morning naturally affects the events of the day and how well you sleep at night. So, if you haven’t considered how to wake up in the morning, here are the best morning practices to give your day a positive

What Is HIIT and How Does it Help with Weight Loss?

If you’ve gone anywhere near a gym in recent years, or even if you haven't, then undoubtedly you've heard about HIIT. But what is it, why is it enormously popular, and how does it help with weight loss? HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, which consists of quick, powerful bursts of exercise at maximum effort followed by short recovery periods. The purpose of these maximum effort intervals are to elevate the heart rate into the intensity zone. Let's just say you won't be able to ca
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Personal and Spiritual Development

10 Uplifting Movies That Will Make Your Heart Soar

For conscious soul seekers, it can be a challenge these days to find quality, uplifting movies that are moving and spiritual while also being entertaining. If you’re craving some downtime and want to watch some uplifting movies that inspire your spirituality, consider these ten soul-stirring and spiritually meaningful films. These synopses are spoiler-free. This unique romantic comedy, with a touch of sci-fi. A young man that inherited the ability to travel through time, is a heartwarming take

The 5 Universal Magnets For Attracting Love Into Your Life

Wouldn’t it be nice to attract love magnetically? Whether you’re dating, in a partnership, seek a relationship, want ideal clients or co-workers, or desire more loving interactions in your life – you can attract more love by merely understanding what actions magnetize it. Scientific research demonstrates that certain qualities attract love and none of them require any drastic transformation, physically or psychologically. It’s simply a matter of incorporating these universal love magnets into y

5 Little Habits That Will Make a Big Difference In The Quality of Your Life

Little habits can make a big difference. It’s within your power to design a more positive day for yourself before you even head out the door in the morning. A significant time commitment or elaborate routine isn’t necessary to feel noticeably happier, either. The following exercises can be incorporated into your daily routine as you see fit to generate a more positive flow in your daily life. Having a regular gratitude practice has many proven health benefits like improved relationships, great

6 Ways To Master Meditation In Today's Busy World

In today’s busy world, it seems to be getting harder, rather than easier to find time to meditate. Harder still to consistently practice and master the true benefits meditation can bring to your life. But like any other exercise or skill, there are simple tricks for making your journey to master meditation bliss more achievable and fun. For beginners, remaining seated with eyes closed for longer than 10 minutes can feel impossible, even unpleasant. Because mental concentration hasn’t been deve

The 4 Beliefs That Attract Love and Unlimited Abundance

If you want to attract love and abundance into your life, it’s simple if you understand the basics of quantum physics and are willing to tune into your core beliefs. The relatively recent science of quantum physics has proven what spiritual teachings have been preaching for centuries – that rather than just individual, separate, and accidental particles of matter, we are actually all part of an interconnected field of energy that’s fluid but affected by each part of the whole. The magnitude of

How To Turn Affirmations Into Beliefs & Activate The Law Of Attraction!

Affirmations are a superb tool for living with positive intention, focusing on your goals, and even for more profound meditation. However, if your statements are merely wishes or dreams that aren’t believable to your rational mind, they will be counterproductive and possibly sow doubt and uncertainty. For affirmations to be the most effective, they should feel truthful and fill you with hope, excitement, and joy. You should have a strong connection to your affirmations. Being able to fully beli

Relationships and Dating

When is the Right Time to Have Sex?

Earlier this year, one of my clients confessed that she always felt obligated to sleep with guys she dated way too early. She asked me, “When is the right time to have sex?” It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy sex, she did. She merely felt conflicted about giving her body to a guy she wasn’t sure about yet amidst the overwhelming societal expectation that giving it up right away is the expectation now. This pressure came not only from the men she dated; even her closest, well-meaning friends and fa

What It Feels Like When You Finally Meet Your Soulmate

© Provided by NewsCred What It Feels Like When You Finally Meet Your Soulmate Just the word "soulmate" can conjure up the most grandiose fantasies about what it feels like to meet your soulmate, like: Passionate, rain-soaked making out with tears streaming down your cheeks because you're unjustly torn apart by the harsh realities of life even though you're destined for each other. A young boy hopelessly loves a doe-eyed, long locked girl since the first time he set eyes on her and they bec

If A Guy Has These 5 Personality Traits, Run Far Far Far Away

© Provided by NewsCred Men With These 5 Personality Traits Are Most Likely To Be Emotionally Abusive In Relationships When you're first dating someone, the fire of new love is so intense and your chemistry runs so high that it can be challenging to see a man's dominant personality traits for what they really are. You might even make the unconscious choice not to see the red flags of emotionally abusive relationships that are waving obviously to your friends and family as they look on helplessly

9 Signs Your Independent Streak Is Making You Hard To Love

© Provided by NewsCred 9 Signs Your Independent Streak Is Making You Hard To Love It's actually pretty awesome to be a woman at this time in history. Okay, there are still some challenges. But when you look back on the way things used to be, even just a few generations ago, we have it made. Women today are accepted and considered beneficial in almost any position of authority or entrepreneurial role. (Though we're still working on some.) And in most parts of the Western world, it's acceptable

Science Proves Doing This Will Make You Immediately More Attractive

Well, there is such a study. In Dominant, open nonverbal displays are attractive at zero-acquaintance, by Vacharkulksemsuk, Reit, Khambatta, Eastwick, Finkel, and Carneya, it was effectively demonstrated that both male and females while speed dating and looking at photos on a dating app were more attracted to members of the opposite gender Expansive posture means appearing physically open: arms uncrossed, chest open, and legs extended. The referenced page even shows photographs they used, if yo